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Located in heart of London, we provide a discreet and private custom tattoo services to you. Browse our artist gallery or contact us for a booking.

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Princelet Tattoo Reviews

Discover our clients' authentic experiences and passionate testimonials on Google Reviews. We urge you to immerse yourself in a treasure mine of feedback that shows the passion, devotion, and artistry that characterise our work at Princelet Tattoo. Our clients' statements reveal the transformational power of tattooing, from elaborate patterns that communicate personal stories to colourful works that show uniqueness. Whether you're looking for tattoo inspiration, a tattoo artist whose style you like, or are simply interested about the quality of our service, our Google Reviews offer a genuine and uncensored peek into the world of Princelet Tattoo. Immerse yourself in the perspectives of those who have entrusted us with their stories, as they narrate the smooth process, welcoming atmosphere, and professionalism that serve as the cornerstone of our studio. As you read through these reviews, you'll see that our devotion to perfection shines through in every testimonial, reiterating our goal to providing unmatched tattoo experiences.

Isa Lim

I had an appointment for a little tattoo last week. The communication before was fast and easy. The consultation was helpful. The studio was super clean and Alex, the artist, was very friendly. All in all I can highly recommend this place!

Laura Berry

Had a beautiful fine line tattoo done with Fabiana. The design is perfect and I’m really pleased with how it looks. The studio is lovely and clean, with a very chill atmosphere. Will definitely be back

Gosia Kotynia

I was tattooed by Alina. She was great. She made my tattoo even better than I dreamt of. The salon has a great vibe and it's very clean.
Highly recommended.

Matt Bishop

Just had my second tattoo by the amazing Victor, over the moon with it! The studio is very chilled and incredibly clean, all the guys that work in there are very friendly and the talent is unparalleled!

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Contact Us


63b Princelet Street, E1 5LP, London, England

Opening Hours

We're open 7 days a week!

Mon - Sun: 11am - 6pm

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tattoo studio aesthetics neon lights

Princelet Tattoo is not merely a studio; it is a flourishing haven of artistic expression where a diverse and inventive group of tattoo artists weave a tapestry of creativity. This dynamic gathering exemplifies the strength of diversity and the celebration of individuality within the tattooing community. Each artist is a distinct brushstroke, contributing their individual talents to the canvas of skin, resulting in a melange of captivating styles, cultures, and stories.


Artists from all over the world congregate at Princelet Tattoo, fusing their origins, experiences, and visions into a mesmerising tattoo symphony. Each member of this group contributes a unique perspective, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and limits are continually pushed. It is a place where the rules of tradition and the uncharted territories of the avant-garde converge, resulting in tattoos that are more than just ink on skin; they are living works of art that pulsate with the creators' hearts.


Within this collective, you will find a kaleidoscope of styles, ranging from intricately detailed line work reminiscent of ancient cultures to vibrant explosions of colour that appear to leap from the imagination onto the body's canvas. Surrealistic landscapes, intricate calligraphy, and vibrant abstracts.


The sense of solidarity and mutual regard that underpins this collective's work is what truly sets them apart. These tattoo artists learn from one another, draw inspiration from a variety of sources, and create tattoos that reflect not only the experiences of their clients but also their own artistic journey.


Princelet Tattoo is a haven for those in search of tattoos that transcend ordinary aesthetics and become an integral part of their identities. It is a haven for the tattoo artists who create these enduring tales on the canvas of skin. This group forms a dynamic, diverse, and profoundly interconnected community in which the magic of tattooing is limitless.

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Who We Are

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